Spa Jets: Are All Jets Equal?

Hot Tub JetsOne important thing that almost always gets overlooked are the Jets in the Spa. The problem is that for most people, all spa jets look pretty much the same.

There are a variety of Jets that you can get in your spa, you can get 15 Different types of jets, small jets, medium, large jets, Volcano jets …etc – However all jets will fall under one of theses 2 categories:

  • Directional jets: With these you can point it to the direction so it targets the area that you want to hit.
  • Spinning Jets: These spin by the force of the water, these feel really great and feels like a great massage.

Questions You Need to Ask the Sales Consultant:

  • How do you take the Jet face off? Please note you will have to remove the jets at least every 6 months and give them a good clean, you don’t have to empty the spa to do this.** Is it a clip that you have to pop up and then turn the jet to unlock? If so forget it, they are so hard to get off without water and with water in the spa its almost impossible and then you get frustrated and you snap the clip!
** Is it a little tab on the jet that requires you to turn the jet anti clockwise and clip out? This is by far the most common among all spas sold in Australia. They are very effective and depending on the amount of jets, pressure and water quality you can get up to 2-5 years life out of the jets.
** Is it a Screw in Jet? This is very new to the market here in Australia and it does away with clips or plastic tabs and screw on like a drink bottle top. These ARE by FAR the best in the industry and at the time of posting this Only 2 Manufactures in Australia use the screw in Jets, that is Oasis Spas and O2 Spas. You will get a far longer life out of this jet than the above 2.
  • If its a Spinning Jet, How does it spin?
** If you jet uses ball bearings to spin the jet I would steer clear of these. They don’t last long and they gradually slow down until they stop spinning altogether. Usually the ball bearings will begin to corrode because of the chemicals in the spa and the friction causes them to loose shape and I have seen SO many spas where the jet has popped out and the ball bearings are sitting at the bottom of the spa….
** What you need to look for is a jet that spins on a floating pin – It uses no ball bearings so there is nothing to cause friction and slow down the jet and the wont stop spinning! LOOK for these its worth it.

ALL JETS are not equal and if you find your self replacing countless jets on the spa and spending $50 -$100 per jet because you saved money on the initial purchase then very soon you will find that this bargain of a spa that you got will cost you more than that “expensive one” you were looking at getting at the same time.

As I always say “A spa is an Investment people! You are investing in yourself, that you can go out in the cold night and Jump into a hot spa and at the end of that long hard day you are warm and relaxed, you will have this spa for years to come and the less issues you have along those years will mean enjoyment and usage”
Let me just finish off with a Car analogy again  Yes I know what your thinking… BUT I really just want to get the point accross….
You are comparing 2 Cars – Car A is $10,000 and is a great Buy. Car B is $13,000 However Car B has new fuel technology and can travel DOUBLE the distance than Car A before refuelling. Now you plan on driving this car everyday to work, family etc. You work out that Car A will cost an extra $50 a week in Fuel.
So which is better? Well if we consider all other things equal then Car B would be a better investment. If you plan on having the Car for 5 years, Car A would have cost you an extra $13,000!!!! THATS $10,000 MORE than Car B!!

We need to consider this as a product that you will have not just for 5 years but hopefully 10, 15, 20 years….

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